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Zwei Wing (ツヴァイウィング Tsuvai Uwingu?, lit.Two Wings) was a famous vocal unit band in japan in the Senki Zesshō Symphogear universe. The group is composed of Tsubasa Kazanari and Kanade Amou.


Zwei Wing was created 5 years ago prior the beginning of the story, when a soldier told Kanade that it makes them stronger by hearing her songs and Kanade formed the vocal duo, Zwei Wing with Tsubasa.

After Kanade's death, the group was eventually disbanded, while Tsubasa continued as a solo diva.


Zwei - means two in German .

Wing - means wing in English.


  • Zwei comes from Tsubasa and Kanade's group which has only two members.
  • Wing comes from their names: Tsubasa meaning wing in Japanese and Amo meaning heavenly wings in Japanese.
  • It was Kanade's idea to the group and the name.
  • They wear their respective colours Kanade :- Red and Orange and Tsubasa : Blue and White.
  • In their songs, and solo songs they introduce their names like "Tsubasa and Kanade" in Gyakkou no Flugel," Tsubasano and Kanaderu" in Orbital Beat," Tsubasa" in Flight Feathers, "Kanade" in Kimi to iu Oto Kanade Tsukiru Made.


Concert Designs


Zwei Wing Concert Kanade & Tsubasa - SenkiZesshou Symphogear02:10

Zwei Wing Concert Kanade & Tsubasa - SenkiZesshou Symphogear

Zwei Wings's Concert from Episode 1.



Zwei Wing's Second Song.

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