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The Yohualtepuztli (ヨナルデパズトーリ Yonarudepazutōri?) was a giant serpent that was created through the "power of God" by Saint-Germain.


Yohualtepuztli is a South American god.


The "power of God" created through the lives of many sacrifices is a pure high-level energy with no true shape or color. However, through the influence of thought it was reformed into a "weapon" designed with a specific goal. In the Val Verde experiment, it was given form through the envisionment of the local god known as Youaltepuztli. As a result, it manifested in a terrifying and monstrous form that immediately assaulted Sakuya Fujitaka and Aoi Tomosato as they were on reconnaissance.[1]


Yohualtepuztli has offensive capabilities that can overwhelm even the Symphogear system. More than, that it has the ability to offset damage done to it by sacrificing one version of itself in a parallel universe. This ability that transcends the realm of logic makes it essentially invincible and therefore is its greatest strength. After it reached its completed form, it became possible for any alchemist to summon and utilize it. However, in the battle at the Escalon Airport, it took Hibiki's punch and was completely obliterated before it could make use of its nearly-invincible ability.[2]