The title in japanese: 神獣·グリフォン

(the lyrics are going to be in English as I don't speak Japanese)

The hands that one day I left behind

memories that can never be forgotten.

And a promise made in a different place,

holding our hands to tomorrow.

One day walking in this quiet city,

I remembered of our love (Mon Dieu, it's a sin), It's was a simple feeling

trying to always find you, but never reaching cause I was (prétentieux), that I couldn't hear a thing.

ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh, when will this world hits its end.

I can't wait, no anymore, hope, for you to come save me.

The legacy that I found ago,

made my body take a leap( Je suis, vivant),

and the bond that we formed beyond,

(est si forte qui crie).

I will never escape from this feeling,

as my heart still desire you.

And the truth that I keept in secret,

It'll now come for me.

Ahhhh ahhh, how can I still be alive,

one of my feelings, escaped, searching for you.

These hand that one day I left behind,

and the hug right after your kiss,

I'll not more let anyone die,

just because of a mistake of mine.

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