Okay, as you know, Symphogear has pairing whether they are canon or not. After talking to Jmcdavid, I've decided to make list and examples of why they are a pairing. It'll grow throughout the season so be prepared.

Hibiki x Miku

Okay, this - this is canon. It is canon, it has to be canon. Have you seen how many interactions these two have had in two seasons? How adorable they are and how Miku kinda appears yandere towards Hibiki? Hibiki values her relationship with Miku, she doesn't want to lose that 'friendship' (yeah, you see the quotation. it ain't friendship to people). And then there was when Miku became a symphogear user, her song had mentions of wanting to protect Hibiki so that she wouldn't have to fight anymore.

Shirabe x Kirika

Again, this is canon. What's canon about these two are that they are always together and holding hands; have you heard Edge Works of Goddess ZABABA? They said 'I love you' in the song to each other. And the fact that their Symphogear's are counterparts of each other means they counter each other in a way but does not wish to harm each other.

Tsubasa x Maria

A new pairing - fanon really but it's slowly turning into canon - that I am proud about. I've been shipping these two ever since episode 1 of season 2 (yes that long) so even the smallest of interaction between these two will make me squeal. Anyways, proof of this pairing is that;

  • Tsubasa calls Maria by her first name, not last name like she does with Hibiki and Chris. This is the first thing I noticed when I watched episode 2. It may have appeared in previous episodes but I've yeah.
  • Tsubasa blushes when Maria pulls her away, its small but there is a blush; the scene even zoomed on that blush.
  • Tsubasa said something along the lines of "My friend once told me that the sentinel's sword isn't just a pretty face." and Maria responded with a slight stutter and "You bring that up now?!". I don't remember anyone telling Tsubasa that but from how Maria reacted, she must have been the one who told Tsubasa that.

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