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    July 11, 2015 by Sylphfarn12

    Okay, as you know, Symphogear has pairing whether they are canon or not. After talking to Jmcdavid, I've decided to make list and examples of why they are a pairing. It'll grow throughout the season so be prepared.

    Okay, this - this is canon. It is canon, it has to be canon. Have you seen how many interactions these two have had in two seasons? How adorable they are and how Miku kinda appears yandere towards Hibiki? Hibiki values her relationship with Miku, she doesn't want to lose that 'friendship' (yeah, you see the quotation. it ain't friendship to people). And then there was when Miku became a symphogear user, her song had mentions of wanting to protect Hibiki so that she wouldn't have to fight anymore.

    Again, this is canon. What's canon ab…

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    What's going on

    August 6, 2013 by Sylphfarn12

    Okay, right now Whiteknight810210 and I have almost finished putting up the lyrics and making the song pages. Let's hope that the lyrics for the rest will be out so that this wiki can have its song list.

    If we finish that, and if XD1 responds to HorizonStriker request, then....well we'll see what happens

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