aka Radiant Heart

  • I live in in my future Gamindustri and on planet Vestal
  • I was born on January 16
  • My occupation is Next Goddess (女神) of Planeptune
  • I am Female
  • NightmareLorelei

    If there are new characters, new gear user, appear in the 4th season. Then what should they look like? Let's predict them together! My predictions for them are :

    New Character #1

    • Green Hair
    • Purple Eyes
    • Main Color is Purple or Indigo

    New Character #2

    • Red Hair
    • Yellow Eyes
    • Main Color either is Yellow or Gold
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  • NightmareLorelei

    What if that Symphogear Anime gonna have a dubbed series, what voice actors you guys want them to voice the characters? My opinion (for myself) is that Stephanie Anne Mills to voice Chris, Emilie Claire to voice rather Miku or Serena or Shirabe. What voice actors you want them to cast the characters?

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  • NightmareLorelei

    Hi guys, I hoped you all can help me translate this picture of Tsubasa and Maria, everybody knows what is the picture telling but I only know abit about the conversation, can you guys help by translating?

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  • NightmareLorelei

    Hi guys, I been wondering, I looked in the official website, the character songs, there is a single name "キャラタァー後日解禁". What does it mean? Could it mean the single name Character - Last day Release (lit) or More character songs will be release after this?

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