In order to provide better information I have decided on adding synopsis sections to character pages. However I am well aware that this will be a lot of work and it will take a lot of time as I would have to rewatch the series over and over again to catch every detail I can of the characters and their interactions. Which is why I would like to ask for some help if anyone is willing to provide a helping hand. If not I am very willing to tackle this by myself.

If anyone is interested in helping it would be great if some one can provide outlines for the minor characters since they do not show up all that often and looking for episodes where they appear will be a very tedious task. Even just a list of when they appear would be a great help in adding to their rather bland and empty pages. I would also be a great help if someone could provide screen caps of specific events from the show of the characters.

As of right now I have Finé's synopsis about half way done and will be starting on the others soon hopefully.

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