Okay, as you guys might know, Elfnein is carrying a box. She called it Dwerg Dain's legacy, and apparently needs to deliver it to someone in order to atone for something in her past.

So far, I have come across three potential theories for what it might be.

  1. A Philosopher's Stone. This is a theory that I came up with, on account of how Carol uses alchemy.
  2. The remains of Carol's father. Someone else came up with this theory, but I honestly don't know how plausible it is, considering how it doesn't seem to match her last name if it's Dwerg Dain's legacy.
  3. A Pandora's Box. Now this theory is something I like. It might hold the power to bring about disaster if it's opened, but it would also contain hope.

Now, this is all for the sake of speculation, since we'll eventually find out. But until then, I want to hear your guesses about what might be in that box, everyone! So don't be afraid to chime in!

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