Okay, let's talk about favorite scenes from the series, both awesome and heartwarming.

For me, it's as follows.

Season 1:

Kanade's last stand. Yes, she died, but she made sure that Hibiki would survive, and that none of the Noise would cause any further suffering.

Episode 5. The way Hibiki showed off the results of her combat training was just...awesome.

Episode 8. Even though they'd just gotten into a nasty fight, Miku came up with that plan to distract that Noise because she trusted Hibiki to save her!

Episode 9. The way Hibiki and Chris joined forces was certainly a welcome change from how things usually went whenever they were in the same place.

Episode 10. From Hibiki telling Tsubasa and Chris about what her Armed Gear really was, to Chris busting out her Mega Deth Symphony for the first was made hilarious by Tsubasa pointing out that Chris also seemed to have been infected by Hibiki's stupidity.

Episode 12. Twp scenes. First, even though she had just been pretty badly injured at Hibiki's hands, Tsubasa was still able to go one on one with Finé and more or less dominated that fight. And that was before she revealed her true plan: to destroy the Kadingir. And second, when Hibiki, who's will had been completely broken, regained the will to fight from hearing her friends singing the school anthem, leading to Tsubasa and Chris being revived, and all three of them entering the X-Drive.

And the finale. That large army of Noise? Like shooting fish in a barrel! And even though the form that Finé took was certainly powerful, they managed to beat her by getting the Durandal away from her and using its limitless power in the Synchrogazer attack!

From G, I think from episode 10 to the finale they gave us a whole string of awesome moments. First there was Hibiki's plan to both free Miku from Dr. Ver's control and get rid of the Gungnir fragments that were threatening her life. Then Tsubasa, in her fight against Chris, figured out what was really up and helped Chris recover the Solomon's Cane. And let's not forget the conclusion of the fight between Shirabe and Kirika (seriously, who would have expected Finé to have changed so much?) Then there was the wayHibiki hijacked the Gungnir that Maria was using. And the finale, from Shirabe and Kirika showing up to help Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris, to Maria's transformation and the return of the X-Drive, to the fight against the Nephilim's heart, was full of awesomeness!

From GX:

Episode 1 with the space shuttle rescue. The best part was when Hibiki did a freaking suplex on the shuttle!

Episode 5, when Shirabe and Kirika stepped up to make sure that Elfnein would have enough time to finish restoring and modifying the other Relics. They might have lost, but they certainly put up a good fight. And that ending, where Chris said, "Someone? Isn't that a little rude?" as those Alca-Noise were all shown to have been fatally wounded, was also pretty awesome.

Episode 6. First there was Tsubasa and Chris singing BAYONET CHARGE. Then there was the grand debut of the Ignite Module. "We're detecting approximately 3,000 Alca-Noise!" "Just 3,000?"

Episode 7. The way Maria, in overcoming the curse of the Dáinsleif, vowed to accept her own weakness and turn it into strength, led to her successfully activating the Ignite Module and taking out Garie.

Episode 8. Seeing Kirika and Shirabe bust out their Ignite Modules was awesome enough, but then there was the way Micha entered her own Super Mode, which was able to still give them a pretty tough fight. Still, she got cut to pieces by the ZABABA Eclipse: Forbidden Wheel of Evil.

Episode 9. While it was fairly...gross...hearing the truth about Tsubasa's father, the way she got her strength back after finding out that Yatsuhiro had loved her all that time, and wanted her to dream, was only topped by her changing the definition of her Armed Gear so that Phara's Sword Breaker wouldn't have any effect on it!

Episode 10. First there was how relieved Genjuro and the others were to see that Elfnein had been sincere in her desire to help them stop Carol. That was just heartwarming. Seeing Kirika and Shirabe put a stop to Chris's fears that she'd lose them and everything else was also pretty heartwarming. And that combo that they used to defeat Leiur was so awesome.

Episode 11. Seriously, Hibiki's father totally redeemed himself in that episode.

Episode 12. How do you top something like the S2CA Tri Burst, which takes the power of the Swan Songs Up to Eleven? With the S2CA Hexa-Convergence, which causes all six of them to enter their X-Drive by also drawing in Carol's massive amount of phonic gain!

Episode 13. After the obligatory display of just how powerful the X-Drive is, there was also the Glorious Break attack that they used. And then there was the way Carol, who had literally burned away all of her memories, chose to effectively sacrifice herself so Elfnein, who was dying, could be allowed to continue to live in Carol's body. You have no idea how relieved I was when that happened.

So, do any of you have favorite moments from the series that I didn't mention here?

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