Okay, I have noticed that out of the pages for every single episode of the first and second season, the only page that actually seems to be more than a mere stub is Episode 6.

Every page for the second season is little more than a stub, and while episodes 1-4 of the first season got a brief summary, Episode 5 and every episode following Eposide 6 have been left completely blank.

I intend to do what I can to remedy this, but just as Maria couldn't restart the Lunar Ruins with just the power of her song, I can't do this on my own. Especially considering how long it has been since I have seen some episodes.

So can I count on you to help me with this rather daunting task?

EDIT: Okay, I took care of Episode 12. But that's still about twenty-four episodes that need some work done on them.

And while I was working on Episode 12, I discussed something with our admin Sylphfarn12 (major kudos to you for this) and got approval for something to add to the pages for episodes of Symphogear: A list of songs that the characters sang in that episode. So for example, Episode 12 had Zettō - Ame no Habakiri and the Lydian Private Music Academy Anthem used in it.

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