(Continuing Cloud's story. This takes place after Episode 8, if you're curious.)

Happy that things had finally worked out between Hibiki and Miku, Cloud returned to something that he had been wondering about for a while now: Finé's identity.

'Let's see, I know that the only way Chris could have known the Durandal was being transported and what route was being used would be if someone who is part of the Mobile Disaster Response Team told her. That tells me one vital fact: Finé is one of us.'

'Now, when Finé appeared before us, I know where Sakuya, Aoi, the commander, and Shinji were. But that leaves...'

Realizing who Finé had to be, Cloud adjusted his Fenrir badge before deciding to pay Genjuro a visit.

After meeting up with Genjuro, Cloud said, "My brain cells are in top gear. I know who Finé is. Chris intercepting the convoy that was transporting the Durandal told me that it could only have been one of us. And when Finé appeared, there is one person who I can't confirm the location of at that moment: Ryōko Sakurai."

Genjuro sighed. "So, you figured it out, have you?"

Cloud was surprised. "Wait, you knew all along?"

Genjuro said, "I've known for some time now, and I must ask that you keep this information a secret from everyone else. Right now, the fact that she is not aware that we know this is one of our greatest weapons against her."

Realizing the truth of what Genjuro was saying, Cloud nodded. "I understand. I promise that I will keep this a secret until the time comes for us to make our move."

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