(Okay, I was inspired by User:Sylphfarn12 to take a shot at writing this sort of thing for my own Custom Character. So here goes.)

"Well, negotiations have finally reached their conclusion. Still, even though the Commander explained how vital they are, I honestly will be glad to finally return to fighting the Noise."

Hearing his cell phone ring, Cloud took a look at the Caller ID and frowned before answering. "Hello, Commander."

"Ah, Cloud. How are the negotiations going?" Genjuro asked.

Cloud said, "They actually have just finished. The American government has agreed to cooperate with us."

Genjuro breathed a sigh of relief hearing this. "That's good. Without their assistance, I honestly don't know if we would be able to succeed."

Cloud said, "So, what's the situation? This isn't even close to the time you would normally call for a status update, and it's not like you to simply make a social call either."

Genjuro sighed hearing this. "As usual, it is extremely difficult to get anything past you. You're needed back in Japan. Tsubasa was forced to use her Zesshou in the latest battle, and even though we currently have two promising young Symphogear users, they are still rather inexperienced, and I would honestly feel more comfortable if someone who has been using Symphogear for a while is able to assist them in battle."

"Understood. I'm on my way."

Hanging up, Cloud pulled out his Relic and looked at it. "Well, partner, it looks like we're going to be returning to the battlefield."

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