So, Symphogear AXZ starts in roughly about 6 hours and 30 minutes. And damn I am hyped. Far too hyped, that AniChart literally tricked me. It said, the show would premiere on July 1, 4pm, a.k.a July 1, 5pm for me. Turns out, what AniChart and Symphogear AXZ meant was, July 2, 1am. Damn, I was pissed and very sad. Why tell us that Symphogear AXZ is starting on July 1 at 4pm if it was gonna start on July 2??? I will never understand Japan. Not ever.

Anyway, as I am impatiently waiting for 2am to come, I thought that we all could tell each other our stories of how we got into the franchise. For me, I got into the franchise roughly 2 months after season 1 aired. I was constantly being recommended the opening theme on YouTube and constantly came across Chris' Makyū Ichaival that I caved in and watched the show. I was instantly hooked and fell in love with Chris. Sadly, I thought that was it for the show and completely forgot about it, until I once again, discovered season 2, two months after it aired. Unfortunately, it lacked the punch that season 1 gave me to keep watching, so I dropped it. But Maria's Dark Oblivion kept stalking me. So I caved in, rewatched season 1, and then tried season 2 again. I ended up finishing both seasons within a week. I, right then and there, became a massive fan. Quite literally, before GX, I rewatched Season 1 and 2 again. And now, I am currently slowly getting through season 1, for the fourth time because I literally need more Symphogear right now!

So I guess, what got me into the franchise in the first place, was the music. But what made me want to keep watching, was the story and its characters. I cannot stress enough how much I loved the characters and the story in this show. I may sound like I have never seen any other anime (but I over 100 other anime) and I swear this show is so freaking unique!

Anyway, what about you guys? What got you into Symphogear? And why are you still watching it, I guess?

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