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    XDU The Blog!

    October 11, 2017 by Blazewind strike

    So with XD Unlimited(XDU) out for a few months now I think it's about time we just have a blog to talk about more general stuff about and discuss more things related to XDU that would save us time on other wikia pages.  I think it's an efficient way for us to talk about the nitty-gritty of things.

    Like for example we can discuss different PVP builds we use and which one benefit us the most in PVP.  We can discuss what card effects are...because I am pretty sure not everyone playing the game here know what the card effects are.  Or even the plot to the memoria missions translation.  It's stuff like this.

    Heck just talk about random fun things you like about XDU.  I just want this blog to be a little fun XDU blog we can all enjoy together.  Al…

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  • Blazewind strike

    Hello everybody, how your doing?  I am doing great.  All this new Symphogear AXZ news getting you folks hyped, I know I am hyped for AXZ.  So since we finally know the date that Symphogear AXZ will debut July 1st, I want to do something cool.  Have streaming party and all watch the episode together through I don't know maybe a shared Skype chat or something.  So we can all get are first reaction across and just have some fun together.  I don't know just an idea had.  If any of you want to do it, let's do it.  I think it would a good time.

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  • Blazewind strike

    As the title suggest if you could have access to any Relic that appeared in the show what would it be and why.  I would personal us Ichaival, it power is something to be amazed with, and it's fire arm style of combat is just something I prefer.  But that's me, what about you guys?

    (This just fun I thought I do, not something to take too seriously)

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