Blazewind strike

aka Blaze or Strike or No.8

  • I live in Earth...where else
  • I was born on March 16
  • My occupation is A guy who likes to have fun
  • I am A guy...
  • Blazewind strike

    Hello everybody, how your doing?  I am doing great.  All this new Symphogear AXZ news getting you folks hyped, I know I am hyped for AXZ.  So since we finally know the date that Symphogear AXZ will debut July 1st, I want to do something cool.  Have streaming party and all watch the episode together through I don't know maybe a shared Skype chat or something.  So we can all get are first reaction across and just have some fun together.  I don't know just an idea had.  If any of you want to do it, let's do it.  I think it would a good time.

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  • Blazewind strike

    As the title suggest if you could have access to any Relic that appeared in the show what would it be and why.  I would personal us Ichaival, it power is something to be amazed with, and it's fire arm style of combat is just something I prefer.  But that's me, what about you guys?

    (This just fun I thought I do, not something to take too seriously)

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