This page features nameless minor characters found in the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series. These characters played fairly minor but varying roles throughout the storyline.

Little Girl

Little Girl

The little girl.

She first appears in Episode 1 when she is heard screaming as Noise are presumed to be attacking her. She is then saved by Hibiki who pulls her along and jumps into a river as the Noise crowd around them. After reaching the other side Hibiki carries her as she runs. When Hibiki trips the two fall, Hibiki then gets back up and the two continue running and find a high place to hide out, as they reach the top of a building they both collapse, out of breath. She asks Hibiki if they are going to die and Hibiki shakes her head no, however Hibiki then sees the Noise gathering around them. As the Noise move toward and surrounds them she runs to and holds onto Hibiki who holds her tightly and tells her to not accept death. She then witnesses Hibiki's very first transformation with the Gungnir relic.

In episode 2, after Hibiki transforms she says that Hibiki looks really cool. She then takes her hand and hugs her as Hibiki jumps off the roof. She keeps her head buried in Hibiki's neck and holds on the entire time Hibiki is running. As Tsubasa arrives Hibiki places her down to watch, she then sees a large Noise looming over them, however the Noise is then destroyed by Tsubasa. After the battle, she is seen wrapped in a blanket and drinking probably the same think given to Hibiki. She is then reunited with her mother, who is then given a disclosure agreement to sign.

She returns in episode 12, where she gives Miku the idea to use the Shiritsu Rideian Ongaku Inkou Uta to let Hibiki know they're all right while her mother's words helped Yumi Itaba realize why the Symphogear users tired so hard. In a sense, she helped revive Tsubasa and Chris and allowed all three Symphogear users to unlock their X-Drive.

Boss Lady

Flower Owner

The owner of Flower.

She first appears in Episode 8 where she helped Miku Kohinata to take care of Chris Yukine when she was found unconscious in the rain.

Chris' friends

Chris' friends

Chris' friends.

They first appears in episode 4 of G when they asked Chris to sing Kyoushitsu Monochrome at the Lydian School Festival.

Hibiki's mother and grandmother

Hibiki's mother and grandmother

Hibiki's mother along with her grandmother.

They first appears in Hibiki's flashback episode 2 and episode 6 in G. They doesn't appear intil GX when Hibiki tries to help her family reunite.

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