Tony Glazer
トニー・グレイザー Tonī Gureizā
Tony Glazer
AnimeSenki Zesshō Symphogear Episode 9

Appears inSymphogearlogo GXlogo
Voice Actors
JapaneseHidetoshi Nakamura (Season 1)

Masashi Nogawa (GX)

Character Information

Tony Glazer (トニー・グレイザー Tonī Gureizā?) is the head of Metro Music, a music company.

First Encounter

He first appeared before Tsubasa, just before she held her first concert in a long time, in the hopes of being able to help her follow her dream. When she asked for just a little more time, he said that he was looking forward to her decision, as well as the concert itself.

Afterwards, when Tsubasa had decided to take him up on his offer, Shinji asked him to take care of Tsubasa's dream.


After a new enemy had managed to severely damage Tsubasa's Ame no Habakiri, she said that she would have to leave him for the time being. Although this made him sad, he said that he would respect her, and asked her to promise follow her dreams once again.


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