The Administrators (or Admins) on the Symphogear Wiki have special privileges that allow them to maintain the wiki's content and configure its layout.

Those who become admins assume the responsibility of preventing the wiki from vandalism and act as authoritative figures that will help users by providing advice and answers to certain questions.


User Date of Adminship Status
HorizonStriker August 23, 2013 Active
Sylphfarn12 August 24, 2013 Active
CureHibiki July 1, 2017 Active
Lightangel2 August 25, 2017 Active

Former Administrators

Administrator Requirements

Before becoming an Administrator, these requirements needs to be followed on the following criteria:

  • Has contributed to the Symphogear Wiki for a reasonable amount of time (preferably more than a month).
  • Assists other users with questions or has participated in the comments or forums.
  • No history of serious vandalism, harassment or hostile interaction with other users.

Administrator Tasks

Administrators assume these responsibilities as volunteers who go through a community review process.

  • Admins are regularly expected to:
    • Delete pages that are obvious spam/vandalism or marked with a {{delete}} tag (if appropriate).
    • Protect pages that are subjected to heavy vandalism.
    • Block users that meet criteria for blocking.


Administrators should remain active by contributing to the wiki and providing assistance to other editors.

Admins should either consult another admin or announce to the community when they require a leave of absence. If an admin continues to be inactive for over 6 months, removal of rights will be done by the active bureaucrat.