Stand up! Lady!!
Symphogear AXZ Character Song 2
General Information
ArtistYōko Hikasa
Release DateJuly 12, 2017

Stand up! Lady!! is a character song by Maria Cadenzavna Eve.

It was released on July 12, 2017 within the second AXZ character song album.


  1. Stand up! Ready!!
  2. Stand up! Lady!!
  3. Stand up! Ready!! (Off vocal)
  4. Stand up! Lady!! (Off vocal)


No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Stand up! Lady!! 4:16
Stand up! Lady!!
No. Songs Duration Audio
02 Stand up! Lady!! (off vocal) 4:16
Stand up! Lady!! (Off Vocal)


「Ready,ready,Stand up! Lady!!」

Hi, Good morning!
ちょっと強めの ルージュにして 鏡にWink

Stand up,Lady!
ヒール高くも ノープロブレム 風を切ってWalkin'

左右どっちの道もGood way
さあ Lady,Ready go!

どんなどんなモノもゼンブ 乗りこなしてみせる
仕事も恋だって レバー操作は単純よ

みんなついてきなさい わたしの背中見て
たまさか弱虫でも 愛してね?

What's up?Baby!
背伸びをして 誰かの真似 しなくたって

I'm only one!
大事なのは 自分らしく 立つコトなの


理想形の女性に なれているはずなの
待ち伏せ腕組みも 様になりすぎてるでしょう?

でもちょっと笑われて 赤くなる日もある
たまさか変だって 愛してね?

いつかそんな歌でね 笑い合いたい

大事な人が言って 残したこの二文字
もうちょっと生きてけば 意味がもっとわかるのかな?

みんなついてきなさい わたしの背中見て
たまさか弱虫でも 愛してね?

"Ready, ready, Stand up! Lady!!"

Hi, Good morning!
Chotto tsuyome no rūju ni shite kagami ni Wink

Stand up, Lady!
Hīru takaku mo nō puroburemu kaze wo kitte Walkin'

Jishin hitotsu de kawaru sekai
(Erabu hōkō nante)
Sayū dotchi no michi mo Good way
Sā Lady, Ready go!

Don'na don'na mono mo zenbu norikonashite miseru
Shigoto mo koi datte rebā sōsa wa tanjun yo

Min'na tsuite kinasai watashi no senaka mite
Tamasaka yowamushi demo ai shite ne?
"Naze×3 soko de ai?"

What's up? Baby!
Senobi wo shite dareka no mane shinaku tatte

I'm only one!
Daijina no wa jibunrashiku tatsu koto nano

Ī on'na no teigi wa?
(Tōjō no shikata yo)
Shita kara PAN shitaku naru
On'na de inasai

Risō kei no josei ni narete iru hazu nano
Machibuse udegumi mo sama ni nari sugiteru deshou?

Demo chotto warawarete akaku naru hi mo aru
Tamasaka hen datte ai shite ne?
"Naze×3 soko de ai?"

Tsuyosa tte iroirona katachi ga aru
Hitori dake dattara kidzuke nakatta
Tarinai toko wa mina to
Ume ai susunde ikitai
Itsuka son'na uta de ne warai aitai

Daijina hito ga itte nokoshita kono nimoji
Mō chotto ikitekeba imi ga motto wakaru no kana?

Min'na tsuite kinasai watashi no senaka mite
Tamasaka yowamushi demo ai shite ne?
"Naze×3 soko de ai?"
"Tsutaetai kara koko de ai☆"

"Ready, ready, Stand up! Lady!!"

Hi, Good morning!
Putting on lipstick and winking in the mirror makes me feel a bit stronger

Stand up, Lady!
Walkin' in high heels through strong wind is no problem for me

With confidence, the world begins to change one at a time
(I just got to choose a direction)
There is only a Good way to do things
Hey Lady, ready go!

No matter what things I choose to do, I can do them all
Even operating a lever is a job I love

The people I follow look out for me
Could I possibly love without feeling weak?
"What×3 is love?"

What's up? Baby!
You can't imitate someone by looking out for them

I'm only one!
What matters is being true to yourself

What is the definition of a good lady?
(It's how one should look)
I want to look at myself from the ground up
And start being a lady

I should be accustomed to being the ideal type of lady
But I guess having my arms folded all the time is too much?

There are days I laugh so much that my face turns red
Is it strange being in love?
"What×3 is love?"

Anyone can be strong no matter their size
I don't care if I'm the only person
If anyone is missing
I'll do my best to make progress
So I can laugh with everyone as we sing this song

There are two characters left for that important person to say
I wonder if the meaning is to know how to live a little better?

The people I follow look out for me
Could I possibly love without feeling weak?
"What ×3 is love?"
"I want to be able to convey my love from here☆"


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