This page will demonstrate the basic layout required for song pages. All sections should be placed in this specific order and follow the guidelines below..

Song Name (Should be written in romaji)
Kanji Name Romaji Name (If the song has been given kanji that somewhat matches the Japanese pronunciation, use this section)
General Information
ArtistName of the voice actor(s) that has sung the song. Be sure to always link to Wikipedia.
Release DateThe release of date of the single where the song were been released. The date should be MM/DD/YYYY. Alternative versions of the song should not be listed.[Notes 1]
UseThe episode(s) the songs has been used in.




Do not add lyrics when the full version of the song hasn't been released yet.

Kanji lyrics should be listed here

Romaji lyrics should be listed here

English translated should be listed here


Interesting info that does not fit in any other section goes here.


  1. With the exception of Koi no Okehazama and Shitō -Ewigkeit-. As Koi no Okehazama were released within the soundtrack album for season 1 and the german version of Shitō -Ewigkeit- will be released within the soundtrack album for AXZ.

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