Shul Shagana
シュルシャガナ Shuru Shagana
AXZ Shul Shagana
Relic Information
First AppearanceSenki Zesshou Symphogear G
Episode 2
UserShirabe Tsukuyomi
Armed GearSawblades

Shul Shagana (シュルシャガナ Shuru Shagana?) is the Symphogear that clads Shirabe Tsukuyomi. Its counter part is Igalima. Its model number is SG-i01.[1]

In the XDU event Wasō Ranbu, Shul Shagana's traditional gear exclusively uses shuriken instead of its standard sawblades.


Shul Shagana (Šulšagana) who is a butler was a child of Zababa (A.K.A Bau or Baba and the main god or patron deity of the ancinet Sumerian city called Kish whose sanctuary was the E-meteursag ) and Ningirsu ( the main god or patron deity of the pantheon of the ancient Sumerian city-states of Babylonia, Lagaš and Assyria) of the Sumerian god mythology.

Alternatively, Sul-sagana was also a scimitar that belonged to Zababa and carried the meaning of "red blade."

Transformation Chants

Various Shul Shagana tron

Shul Shagana Activation Song

Battle Songs



  • If you were to put Shirabe's and Kirika's battle songs together, they would be in perfect sync. This would make sense seeing as that both of their relics are based on blades used by the Sumerian god Zababa.
  • Crunchyroll mistransliterates the transformation chant as "Fallian Shul Shagana tron".


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