Shiori Terashima
寺島 詩織 Terashima Shiori
AnimeSenki Zesshō Symphogear Episode #2

Appears inSymphogearlogo Glogo GXlogo
Voice Actors
JapaneseNao Tōyama
Character Information
Eye ColorHoney Brown
Hair ColorBlonde

Shiori Terashima (寺島 詩織 Terashima Shiori?) is one of Hibiki's and Miku's friends and classmate.


Shiori has medium length slightly curled blond hair with her bangs cut straight and honey brown eyes. She wears a white headband with a small bow on the left side and is most often seen wearing the Lydian Music Academy uniform.


Season 1

In Episode 2 she explains to Hibiki that Flower is a okonomiyaki place by the station.

She is seen again in Episode 3 eating lunch with Hibiki and her friends. She then suggests to playing badminton on the rooftop as to stop distracting Hibiki. Yumi and Kuriyo accept her offer but Miku declines as she promised to help Hibiki with her report.

She comments about Hibiki's missing reports in Episode 7.

Shiroi asks Hibiki about Miku not being in class in Episode 8 and tells Yumi to be more serious about the situation.


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