Senki Zesshōshinai Symphogear GX
(Senki Zesshōshinai Shinfogia GX)
Symphogear GX volume 3 cover
First AiredNovember 25, 2015
Ending SongItsuka no Niji, Hana no Omoide

Senki Zesshōshinai Symphogear GX (戦姫絶唱しないシンフォギアGX Senki Zesshōshinai Shinfogia GX?, "Not-So-Superb Song of the Valkyries: Symphogear GX") is an OVA series that accompanies Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX. Each OVA contains several humorous skits that serve to comment or expand on existing scenes.

The OVAs were released within volumes 3 to 6 of the GX Blu-ray/DVD release.

Episode List

No. Title Original airdate
OVA #1 Senki Zesshōshinai Symphogear GX 1
"Senki Zesshōshinai Shinfogia GX 1"
November 25, 2015

Series of events taking place between G and GX. Both Hibiki's group and Maria's group pass New Year's Eve in their own ways, before Tsubasa has her graduation.

OVA #2 Senki Zesshōshinai Symphogear GX 2
"Senki Zesshōshinai Shinfogia GX 2"
December 23, 2015

OVA #3 Senki Zesshōshinai Symphogear GX 3
"Senki Zesshōshinai Shinfogia GX 3"
January 27, 2016

OVA #4 Senki Zesshōshinai Symphogear GX 4
"Senki Zesshōshinai Shinfogia GX 4"
February 24, 2016

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