You Need to Cry to be You

RomajiKimi de Irare Nakunaru Kimi ni
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SeasonSenki Zesshou Symphogear G

Air dateAugust 15, 2013
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EndingNext Destination
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"You Need to Cry to be You" (君でいられなくなるキミに Kimi de Irare Nakunaru Kimi ni?) is the seventh episode of Senki Zesshou Symphogear G.



Tsubasa learns of Hibiki's condition, while she transforms into Gungnir. Brimming with more power than usual, Hibiki fights through Ver's defenses, only to be stopped by Shirabe and Kirika. As Hibiki suddenly feels a pain in her chest, Ver injects Shirabe and Kirika with a serum so they can use the superb song against Hibiki. In order to stop them from dying the same way Kanade did, Hibiki uses her own superb song to cancel theirs out, firing off their excess energy into the sky. After Shirabe and Kirika retreat with Ver so he can treat Nastassja, wondering why Hibiki was trying to protect them, Tsubasa arrives on the scene to stop Hibiki from overheating, after which both Chris and Miku learn the full extent of Hibiki's condition. Meanwhile, Ver reveals his plan to use the Nephilim's heart to speed up Maria's resurrection as Finé. However, it is soon revealed that Finé's soul does not dwell within Maria, but instead in Kirika, who discovers her power when protecting Shirabe from a pile of falling pipes.


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