Countdown to Loss

RomajiSōshitsu Made no Kauntodaun
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SeasonSenki Zesshou Symphogear G

Air dateSeptember 5, 2013
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EndingNext Destination
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"Countdown to Loss" (喪失までのカウントダウン Sōshitsu Made no Kauntodaun?) is the tenth episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear G.



Miku, who was experimented on by Ver with Linker to make her compatible with the Shénshòujìng relic, battles against Chris, initially taking the brunt of her attacks before unleashing a powerful laser, forcing Chris to block against it to protect Shirabe before Tsubasa gets them to safety. As HQ takes Shirabe into custody whilst Chris fights against the Noise, Kirika stands in Tsubasa's way, leading Hibiki to confront Miku herself. Miku states she desired the Symphogear's power to keep Hibiki from fighting, but Hibiki states it isn't worth having a world without Miku in it and transforms to fight against her, given under three minutes before she overheats. Despite the Gungnir relic spreading through her body, Hibiki keeps fighting through to reach Miku's humanity, taking the brunt of an attack with FIS uses to unleash Frontier. As an ancient civilization rises from the ground, Chris suddenly shoots Tsubasa.


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  • This episode's name is the same as Hibiki's chant in the OST. The usage of this is probably due to the fact Gungnir is an important element in this episode.


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