サンジェルマン Sanjeruman


Saint-Germain Transformed

AnimeSenki Zesshō Symphogear AXZ
Episode 1
Voice Actors
JapaneseMinako Kotobuki
Character Information
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorWhite
Theme Color Hawkes Blue

Saint-Germain (サンジェルマン Sanjeruman?) is an alchemist from the top brass of the Bavarian Illuminati. She has been a member of the organization for at least four hundred years.[1]


She is most likely based off of the Count of St. Germain, a French aristocrat in the arts and sciences from the 1700s who claimed to have lived for centuries and is shrouded in mystery. See also St. Germain (Theosophy).


Saint-Germain is said to have lived for thousands of years. Born the daughter of a sex slave, Saint-Germain often suffered abuse of all kinds, and was orphaned from a very young age: her father abandoned Saint-Germain and her mother because of their status as slaves, and her mother died from sickness and malnutrition, which was discovered by Saint-Germain herself. It is because of this harsh childhood that Saint-Germain wishes to free humanity from oppression.

Saint-Germain learned to read from a nobleman who taught her out of amusement as a reward for her services in bed. Ever since then, Saint-Germain filled her empty heart with a desire for knowledge. After an unspecified amount of time, Saint-Germain appeared as an aristocrat in French society, passing as a male, and soon accumulated a large amount of followers and was given the title of "Count". From there, Saint-Germain used the finances gathered from her followers to begin her alchemical research into the "Philosopher's Stone".[2]


There are many ways to achieve a mastery of alchemy, however, each path shares a common goal of reaching the state of "perfection". When Saint-Germain discovered the deepest secrets of alchemy, she succeeded in recreating her body into a perfect being, which now allows her to live for eternity. In order to realize the ideal she holds in her heart, she now strives to create the "power of god."



  • Her backstory shares several similarities with Chris Yukine's. Both Saint-Germain and Chris were subjected to slavery (both sexual, although only implied in Chris' case) at a young age; both lost their parents and became orphans at a similarly young age; and both wanted to end oppression because of their pasts by taking lives, although Chris eventually moved past from her destructive methods.



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