The S2CA (Superb Song Combination Arts?) is an attack which combines the Superb Songs of the Symphogear users.


S2CA Tri Burst

Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris repeatedly trained their S2CA combination in order to control it properly, it was based off the combo attack they did at the end of Season 1 to destroy the moon fragment. The centre of the combo is Hibiki, who uses her "Armed Gear" to join with the others and allow them to amplify their energy while Hibiki suppresses the backfire so it doesn't damage their bodies. However, the process of this puts the entire burden on Hibiki and even though she's fused with the relic it doesn't completely neutralize the damage. This attack is also very dangerous because, like when Hibiki touched Durandal, the resonance created by Gungnir being in direct contact with other relics (such as Ichaival and Ame no Habakiri) can result in the power going out of control (possibly directing it at someone unintended).

There are 2 variations of the S2CA Tri Burst:

  • S2CA: Twin Break Type-A (Arrow) — Used by Hibiki and Chris.
  • S2CA: Twin Break Type-B (Blade) — Used by Hibiki and Tsubasa.

The weak points of the S2CA are: The force exerted upon Hibiki's body during the process, and the amount of time it takes for them to charge the energy while singing. However the biggest drawback is that they must be careful when using it, as the amount of destructive power it unleashes cannot be held back (and thereby may damage the surrounding).

S2CA Hexa-Conversion

A variation of the S2CA Tri Burst used in GX Episode 12 that combines the Superb Songs of not only all six Symphogears, but the phonic gain produced by Carol, which is equal to the power of seven billion Superb Songs. While Hibiki uses her Gungnir to gather all of that phonic gain, Maria uses her Airgetlám to control it and distribute it among the six of them, enabling them to access the X-Drive.



  • It's possible the '2' is meant to be a backwards 'S'.

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