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S.O.N.G. emblem

S.O.N.G. (short for "Squad of Nexus Guardians"), formerly Section Two (二課 Nika?) of the Special Disaster Response Team (特異災害対策機動部 Tokui Saigai Taisaku Kidōbu?), is an organization commanded by Genjuro Kazanari.



Section Two was initially commanded by Fudō Kazanari. However, Fudō stepped down from his position after the mysterious disappearance of the second classified relic, Ichaival, ten years prior to season one. Genjuro then took his place as commander.


Following the elimination of the Noise and the space shuttle rescue. With the Noise now eliminated, and due to the existence of Symphogear now being known to the world, Section Two of the Special Disaster Response Team has been given a new mission, and therefore a new designation. Where before they fought the Noise while keeping their existence a secret to all but the highest ranking members of the government, they are now a public organization that has the duty of assisting in disasters around the world that are too great for regular humans to overcome.


S.O.N.G. Members
Kazanari Genjuro
Genjuro Kazanari
Ryoko Infobox Ogawa Shinji Sakuya Fujitaka Aoi Tomosato CarolNien Fused
Ryoko Sakurai[1] Shinji Ogawa Sakuya Fujitaka Aoi Tomosato Elfnein
Symphogear Users
Hibiki Gear Tsubasa Gear Chris Gear Maria Gear Shirabe Gear
Hibiki Tachibana Tsubasa Kazanari Chris Yukine Maria Cadenzavna Eve Shirabe Tsukuyomi
Kirika Gear Kanade Gear 2
Kirika Akatsuki Kanade Amou[1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 Member before S.O.N.G.'s formation

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