Tsubasa's relic

Relics (聖遺物 Sēibutsu?), also referred to as Sacrists, are items spoken of in myths of many races. Excavated around the world, they are the core and function of a Symphogear.


They were created by arcane techniques in ancient times, but the technology to replicate them is long-lost. They can be found in ruins, but the ravages of time have taken their toll. It's extremely rare to find one with any real power. The keys to amplifying the flickers of power they still bear are waves of a particular amplitude. The relics are activated by phonic gain created by the power of song. The relics, activated by the song, pulse with energy, generating the anti-Noise armor—the Symphogear—that Hibiki and Tsubasa wear. The relics don't just turn on as soon as someone hums a tune. The few whose songs can activate the relics and manifest a Symphogear are simply called the "candidates".

Various myths and folklore from all around the world have often spoken of ancient weapons with hidden supernatural powers. Impossible to produce with today's technology, they exist as crystallized forms of heretical technology (black arts) that are being excavated from ruins and other locations.

Due to the passing of time these artifacts have been exposed to much deterioration and damage. Even through large excavation projects, finding pieces that are completely intact is incredibly rare. Therefore, in most cases, only "relic fragments" have been recovered.

Relics that are in a grounded state can shift into an active state through the power of song, thereby releasing their inner power. Classified as the first relic and held by Tsubasa, "Ame no Habakiri," is only a single piece of the original sword's blade. Classified as the third relic, "Gungnir," which Hibiki inherited from Kanade, is also only the tip of the original spear. (However right now, even just splinters of that are what remain within Hibiki's chest).

List of Relics

  • Ame no Habakiri (天羽々斬 Ame no Habakiri?, Snake-Slayer of Takamagahara) - The first relic, only a small fragment of a blade. Its current user is Tsubasa Kazanari.
  • Ichaival (イチイバル Ichiibaru?) - The second relic, which currently belongs to Chris Yukine.
  • Gungnir (ガングニール Ganguniiru?, Swaying One) - The third relic, which was originally wielded by Kanade Amou who passed away due to not being compatible enough with it, and inherited by Hibiki Tachibana soon after a fragment of it landed in her chest. Now supposedly lost after it was hit by the Shénshòujìng in Season 2 purging it from existance. It's Original Armed Gear was a Lance/Spear which could clone itself into many and summon whirlwinds/tornados to strike at enemies. Hibiki could not summon this so it's armed gear became it's gloves or gauntlets which could be supercharged to knock enemies with sheer force and summon tornados of it's own.
    • Black Gungnir (黒いガングニール Kuroi Ganguniiru?) -  Another fragment of the original Gungnir which was stolen sometime before the first season. Originally weld by Maria who could use it with ease. Known to be a Dark or Corrupted Symphogear it could summon a armed gear like the lance/spear used in the original but with a darker colour scheme and the ability to fire purple lasers. It's armour was like Kanade's with the darker colour scheme and a cape which could attack on it's own accord. It was passed down to Hibiki to replace her Gungnir after it was lost as Maria now uses Airgetlam. [1]
  • Nehushtan Armor (ネフシュタンの鎧 Nefushutan no Yoroi?) - The fourth relic, which was a full relic which disappeared during the disastrous Zwei Wing concert that killed Kanade. The relic was briefly wielded by both Chris and Finé. The Nehushtan Armor is considered Finé's official relic.
  • Durandal (デュランダル Durandaru?) - A full relic, a sword, which was used by Tachibana Hibiki in the first season. It is the fifth relic.
  • Solomon's Cane (ソロモンの杖 Soromon no Tsue?) - A special device used to summon noise which was first used and activated by Chris Yukine in the first season and then is seen being used by Dr. Ver in the second season. It's the sixth relic.
  • Shul Shagana (シュルシャガナ Shuru Shagana?) - The seventh relic that belongs to Shirabe Tsukuyomi.
  • Igalima (イガリマ Igarima?) - The eighth relic that belongs to Kirika Akatsuki.
  • Shénshòujìng (シェンショウジン Shenshōjin?, lit. "God Beast Mirror") - The Sacred Relic that belonged to Miku Kohinata. It is the ninth relic.[2]
  • Airgetlám (アガートラーム Agātorāmu?) - Also known as the Silver Symphogear, it is the Relic that belonged to Serena Cadenzavna Eve and then was used by Maria Cadenzavna Eve. It is the tenth relic.
  • Faust Robe of Dur da Blá (ファウストローブのダウルダブラ Fausutorōbu no Daurudabura?) - The eleventh relic is owned by Carol Malus Dienheim.
  • Dáinsleif - The relic that was used to enable the Ignite Module within the Symphogears.
  • Yantra Sarvaswa (ヤントラ・サルヴァスパ?) - A relic found by Carol in Undersea Dragon's Palace.

Other relics

  • In episode 9 of GX, other relics are listed on the monitor when Elfnein was looking for the Yantra Sarvaswa. Those were:
    • Trioxon 245
    • Annabelle
    • G'harne Fragments
    • Grauswein


  • Gungnir has the highest number of users, with three users:
  • Hibiki and Maria's Gungnir have the same wave pattern.
  • Maria and Chris are the only ones to have used more than one relic:
    • Chris used the Nehushtan Armor and currently has Ichaival.
    • Maria has used the Black Gungnir and Serena's gear Airgetlám.
  • All three main characters (Tsubasa, Chris, and Hibiki) are compatible with their relics without the use of LiNKER.
  • At the end of Senki Zesshō Symphogear G, Airgetlám was cut in half.[3] However, in GX it was only damaged.[4] This was later corrected in the Blu-ray version.
  • Sacrist comes from a person in a cathedral in charge of music for the choir and books. Without a relic, the Gear is unable to activate, this making it a sort of a Sacrist.


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