Masahito Shibata
斯波田 賢仁 Shibata Masahito
Masahito Shibata
Appears inSymphogearlogo Glogo GXlogo
Voice Actors
JapaneseHidekatsu Shibata
Character Information

Masahito Shibata (斯波田 賢仁 Shibata Masahito?) is the Vice President of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is often caught up in dealing with the complexities of current world affairs, but his main duty is to protect the Japanese government’s national interest and the black art crystallized technology of the Symphogear system.


Although he is often seen as having a rude personality, he is the only man that understands Genjūrō, and is generally a person who cooperates with the Special Disaster Response Team’s operations.


  • Masahito shares his last name with his seiyū.


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