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This is the fourth chapter of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear manga.


In a flashback, Tsubasa and Hibiki are fighting a mysterious girl that is using the Nehushtan Armour. Unfortunately, the girl bests Tsubasa and Hibiki is captured by the Noise. Despite being hurt, Tsubasa tried to take the Nehushtan Armour and hastily proves her worth by singing her Superb Song. The Nehushtan girl is severely hurt and fled, while Tsubasa collapsed, severely injured by the effects of the Superb Song. She was taken to the S.D.A.U., where she recieved special treatment. Meanwhile, Genjuuro, along with Ryōko, Aoi and Sakuya talk to Hibiki in a meeting where she fell asleep but soon woke up. They were talking about transferring the Sacrist D. (known as Durandal), one of the few remaining complete relics, out of fear that the Nehushtan girl could attack Division 2 and steal it.

While dreaming, Tsubasa feels that she's living in disgrace, unable to accomplish anything. Behind her Kanade's soul appears to support and encourage her. After a short talk Tsubasa wakes up, thinking about Kanade.

At home, Hibiki tells Miku that she wants to go out for a walk, and asks Miku to leave the door unlocked for her. Hibiki and Ryōko along with Division 2 agents drive fast to hide the Sacrist D., but they're attacked by the Nehushtan girl, who wants to steal Durandal. She attacks Ryōko's car and believes them to be dead, but Hibiki suddenly activates her Gungnir to protect Ryōko and fight the Nehushtan user. Hibiki tells to the armoured girl that she'll protect Durandal and everyone no matter what. The armoured girl attacks Hibiki, but Hibiki dodges easily. While singing, Hibiki inadvertently activates Durandal, leaving the Nehushtan girl shocked. Ryōko smiles evilly.


  • This chapter is similar to episode 3 and 4,season 1 of the anime


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