Leiur Darāhim
レイア・ダラーヒム Reia Darāhimu
Leiur Darāhim
AnimeSenki Zesshō Symphogear GX Episode #1

Appears inGXlogo
Voice Actors
JapaneseShizuka Ishigami
Character Information

Leiur Darāhim (レイア・ダラーヒム Reia Darāhimu?) was one of the four Autoscorers created by Carol Malus Dienheim.


One of the Auto-Scorers (living dolls) that are assigned various tasks including, foremost, the protection of Carol. Her formal classification is: XMH_006

She’s a master at throwing coins, and relies on her wit to bolster both offense and defense. She has a younger sister with a well-endowed body.


Like her fellow Autoscorers, her name is derived from one of the angels of Jewish and Christian mythology. In her case, her name is an anagram of Uriel.



  • Leiur like all the other Autoscorers is themed off of 4 things: dance, element, a suits in an ancient turkish tarot deck of cards, and an Archangel:
    • Leiur's dance is break dance.
    • Leiur's element is earth.
    • Leiur's suit in the tarot deck is coins.


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