Kuriyo Ando
安藤 創世 Andō Kuriyo
AnimeSenki Zesshō Symphogear Episode #2

Appears inSymphogearlogo Glogo GXlogo
Voice Actors
JapaneseMikako Komatsu
Character Information
Eye ColorTyrian
Hair ColorBeige

Kuriyo Ando (安藤 創世 Andō Kuriyo?) is one of Hibiki's and Miku's friends and classmate.


Kuriyo is a tall girl with short beige coloured hair with a slightly longer strand on the left side of her face and pinkish-red eyes. She is most often seen wearing the Lydian Music academy uniform.


Season 1

She is first seen Episode 2 Calling Hibiki 'Bikki and asking her to go to Flower.

In Episode 3 she is seen along with Yumi feeding Hibiki as she writes her report. She later leaves with Yumi and Shiori to play badminton.

At lunch in Episode 7 Kuriyo comments that Hibiki is the one in the wrong as they notice the awkwardness between Hibiki and Miku. She tells Miku to just forgive Hibiki for being a blockhead. She makes another comment about Hibiki having a sort of secret job.

Kuriyo apologizes to Hibiki for what she had said the other day in Episode 8.


Insert Songs Featured in:


Kuriyo black hair

Kuriyo with black hair.

  • She is the only one seen to nickname Hibiki and Miku.
  • She calls Hibiki "Bikki" and Miku "Hina".
  • In episode 11 of Symphogear G, there is an error; her hair is black in a brief moment. This was later corrected in the blu-ray version.


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