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Kanade Amou
天羽 奏 Amō Kanade
Character Information
Eye ColorDark Red
Hair ColorRed
Home PlaceMinakamiyama,Nagano
First AppearanceEpisode 1 (Anime)

Chapter 1 (Manga)

The Relic(s)Gungnir (Former)
Theme ColorOrange
Japanese Voice ActorTakayama Minami
Kanade Amou (天羽 奏 Amō Kanade?) was Tsubasa's former partner who fought alongside her, and a member of Zwei Wings.


Amou (天羽?) - Means "Heaven's wings". 天-means "Heaven/sky" while 羽-means wings

Kanade (?) - The term Kanade (奏) means to play or perform, such as with a musical instrument, which would fit with the musical theme of Symphogear.


Kanade was a tall girl and had long fluffy red hair that fell down to her waist and red eyes.

Her Zwei Wing concert clothes consisted of a light pink and hot pink strapless pleated dress with a light yellow petticoat, a large coral coloured bow and a right wing on her bustle. She also wears a light pink scarf and white heels.

As seen in Episode 4 her training attire was a white T-shirt and red shorts. She has also been seen in mechanic outfit, in Episode 9.

Character SheetsEdit

  • Coloured Character Sheet
  • Kanade Headshots
  • Kanade's Gungnir
  • Kanade's Headset
  • Kanade's Armed Gear
  • Kanade's Damaged Gungnir
  • Young Kanade


Kanade was a cheerful and brave person. She lost her family during a noise attack, although she didn't lose hope. When she died, the last words that she spoken to Tsubasa were:

"Do you know, Tsubasa? Singing your hardest, really leaves you empty".

On the Senki Zesshou Symphogear official page Kanade describes herself:

"However, against an opponent that was defined as the enemy, I also have to use the severe intensity everywhere. My spicy, bright-spirited behaviour is noticeable."


Five years ago, Kanade's family was killed in a Noise attack: Kanade was on a research trip with her parents, little sister, Sakurai Ryoko and others. They were searching for the Shen Shou Jing fragment. Instead of finding it, however, she, her family and the researchers were all killed by Noise with the exception of Sakurai. When the Genjuro Agency found her, they assumed she was on a picnic with her family, but later, they found out that Kanade knew Ryoko Sakurai and her theories. Wishing for the power of Symphogear, she endured harsh medical treatment to make her body compatible with the Gungnir relic. Kanade also performed alongside Tsubasa, gaining an appreciation for letting others hear her songs and forming the vocal duo, Zwei Wing.

Two years ago, she sacrificed herself to protect Hibiki during a Noise attack by singing a "Zesshō". Kanade channelled her Zesshō through her armed gear which is the Gungnir, Spear of Odin.

Prior to Kanade singing her "Zesshō", Kanade's Symphogear was disintegrating as she had stopped taking the LiNKER drug on the day of the concert. This meant that her "compatibility coefficient" was very low and the Gungnir relic was killing her due to the backfire of the Symphogear.

By nature, Kanade had a very low compatibility coefficient with the Symphogear system and should have been unable to become a relic user. However, Division 2's Technology specialist, Sakurai Ryoko, developed a control drug known as "LiNKER" and by taking an overdose of it, Kanade acquired the ability to use the power of Gungnir as a compatible candidate as long as she continued using LiNKER.

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

Activation SongEdit

The earthly secret shield of Gungnir's wish
Croitzall Ronzell Gungnir zillz


Kanade owned the Third Relic Gungnir in which she harmonized with the use of the LiNKER drug. As a Symphonic gear user she had the ability to fight noise with the use of the anti-noise armour, the Symphogear, that clads her in battle. Her Gungnir is much similar to Maria Cadenzavna Eve's, but unlike Maria she doesn't wear a cape and her Gungnir's color scheme is white, black and orange.

As an "Attuned" she can with the Power of Song (歌の力 Uta no Chikara?) summon her armed gear to fight. Her armed gear is a white and gold lance much like that of Maria Cadenzavna Eve.

Unlike her successor Hibiki, Kanade is able to summon an armed gear and she possessed more armour than Hibiki.


  • Stardust∞Foton - Kanade summons thousands of Gungnir spears that fall down on Noise. This is the only attack in the Symphogear History that can summon more than 100 spears. This attack is similar to Shedding Tears/One Thousand Tears, Megadath Party and Alpha Style 100 Rebirth, but with a bigger number.
  • Last∞Meteor - With this attack, Kanade creates a very strong tornado that can defeat Noise at very big distance. This is a unique attack that can destroy giant Noise less a second and in different position.
  • Pendant/Relic telepathy - This is Kanade's unique ability to communicate with her relic from distance. She can transform without having the pendant/relic on her chest.
  • Superb Song - Kanade's Superb Song differ from the others. She can use her Superb Song only if she drunk LiNKER. In any case, if she uses her Superb Song in missing dose of LiNKER it leads her to death. Interesting that she becomes just half dead. She becomes dust in her symphogear form. This may be a reason why she can appear in different outfits in Tsubasa's dreams. Her body died while her soul is still "a walking ghost".


Season 1Edit

Kanade first appears in Episode 1 two years ago speaking to Tsubasa as the latter is hiding away. She points out Tsubasa's nervousness causing her to blush. Kanade flicks her forehead and makes another comment about her seriousness. After such Genjuro approaches them and begins to speak only for her to cut him off and complete the
Senki Zesshou Symphogear - 01 - Large 06
The Concert Begins
Ellen sirenAdded by Ellen siren
sentence with a care-free attitude, waving her hand and tell him not to sweat it. After Genjuro leaves Kanade is seen stretching as she talks excitedly about the concert, however when she sees Tsubasa's expression she stops and hugs the girl from behind. She makes another comment about her seriousness and comforts her. The two of them stand, taking each other's hand and get ready for their appearance on stage.

The concert begins and the two of them fly from the roof onto the stage waving to the audience. They begin to dance and perform Gyakkō no Furyūgeru. However as they prepare to continue on to their second song a large mass of Noise appears and begins attacking the audience. Even though there hasn't been an order Kanade jumps off the stage and activates her Gungnir. Summoning her armed gear she begins to destroy the Noise, with the use of her Stardust Foton she destroys many of the Noise and Tsubasa joins her in battle. As Kanade's Symphogear runs out of power she is attacked by a Noise and shoved farther back.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear - 01 - Large 23
Kanade's Zesshou
Ellen sirenAdded by Ellen siren
She sees Hibiki fall and jumps in the way to save her, she tells Hibiki to run as she continues to fight the Noise. As the Noise mount their attacks Kanade's suit begins to fragment and one pierces Hibiki in the chest. Having seen it she runs to Hibiki and tells her to open her eyes and don't accept death. As Hibiki opens her eyes she smiles and picks up her armed gear, raises it and sings her Zesshou. After she sings her Zesshou she destroys all the Noise in the area and falls to the ground. Tsubasa holds her body as she turns to dust and is blown away.

In Episode 2 Tsubasa remembers Kanade telling her there was nothing to be afraid of as long as they were together.

In Episode 3 Kanade's death is finally seen, she was being held by Tsubasa as she could no longer see. She then apologizes as it would be their last time together and calls Tsubasa a cry baby as she closes her eyes and her body turns to dust and is blown away. Tsubasa tries to hug what is left and calls her name.

Episode 4 Reveals Kanade's past, 5 years ago when she was 14 Kanade is seen bound in a chair with Genjuro, Tsubasa, doctors, and agents watching her as she struggles against her bindings. Noise had attacked her and her family while they were on holiday and is the only one alive that was potentially compatible with a relic. Kanade then asks to fight the Noise and slaughter them as revenge for the death of her family. She expresses that she'll do whatever it takes to kill the Noise. As she finally stops talking Genjuro pets her head and hugs her.

She is then seen being strapped down to a table as they inject her with LiNKER in order to make her compatible with Gungnir. As she breaks free of the binding she injects
Senki Zesshou Symphogear - 04 - Large 05
Kanade First Activates Gungnir
Ellen sirenAdded by Ellen siren
herself with more LiNKER causing an overdose as her compatibility to rise. She then coughs up a pool of blood as the doctors try to keep her stable and alive, with the new rise in capability level Kanade activates her Gungnir for the first time.

Later as she and Tsubasa are seen fighting and after lifting rubble off of soldiers. They then told her that even though they were buried underneath all the rubble they could hear her song and it have them hope. She is then seen running and training with Tsubasa.

As Tsubasa is seen once again drowining in Episode 5 Kanade's spirit appears, still dressed in her concert clothes, and embraces her from behind. Kanade makes a comment at Tsubasa being too serious and how she might break if she is too stiff. Tsubasa begins to tell her of her training and battle and the two are seen sitting on the ground of the destroyed stadium from 2 years ago. She then begins to tell Tsubasa about her own thoughts on the battles and when asked she tells Tsubasa that it is something that she has to find out on her own. She tells Tsubasa that she is one who decides if Kinda is near or far from her as Tsubasa wakes up.

Kanade sneaks up behind Tsubasa as she fixes a motorcycle in Episode 9. She comments about Tsubasa's new license and teases her about singing outside of work and lightly flicks her forehead before leaving. Through out the episode Kanade's voice appears to Tsubasa and helps her along.


Insert Songs Featured in:Edit


  • Kanade's battle song genre is Jpop.
  • Kanade uses English language for attacks.
  • Her hairstyle has a shape of a feather.
  • She was 14 when noise killed her family.
  • She was 17 when she died.
  • She should be 19 years old if she was alive.
  • She and her family were apart of relics excavation team.
  • Originally, Kanade was planned to be blonde.
  • Kanade shares her initials "A.K." with the other user Kirika Akatsuki and secondary character Kuriyo Andou.
  • Kanade is the second oldest user. The oldest user is Maria.
  • Kanade is the strongest Symphogear user but time-limited.
  • Kanade's weak point is her dependence of LiNKER.
  • Kanade's strongest attack is Last∞Meteor. Kanade uses this attack to destroy thousand Noise, including the giant ones,easily, only if LiNKER has not finished its effect.
  • Last∞Meteor is a first-ranked attack.
  • Kanade has a mother-like personality. When she is near Tsubasa she takes the role of a mother bird while Tsubasa is the chick.
  • Kanade, Maria and Miku are the only users whose activation songs finish in "zilzz”, which translates as lust or curse.
  • Kanade made a brief appearance in Season 2, Episodes 4, 7, 8 and 12 in flashbacks.


Season 1 AppearancesEdit

  • Original/Official Kanade cover for her CS
  • Pressumed cover for Kanade's CS

Season 2 AppearancesEdit


  • "だから――翼のやりたいことは、あたしが助けてやる…/That's why -- whatever Tsubasa wants to do, I shall help..." - Season 2, Episode 12
  • 「生きるのを諦めるな!!」 / Don't EVER give up on living!!


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