Izak Malus Dienheim
イザーク・マールス・ディーンハイム Izāku Mārusu Dīnhaimu
Carol's father
AnimeSenki Zesshō Symphogear GX Episode #1

Appears inGXlogo
Voice Actors
JapaneseKōichi Tōchika
Character Information
RelativesCarol Malus Dienheim (Daughter)

Izak Malus Dienheim (イザーク・マールス・ディーンハイム Izāku Mārusu Dīnhaimu?) was the father of Carol Malus Dienheim.


Not much is known about his past, but he was a man who had dedicated his life to using his alchemy to help people. He believed that knowing the world around them was vital to people being able to understand each other.

Carol's father at the stake

Izak's last moments in life.

However, one day a village discovered his use of alchemy. Proclaiming his works to be the acts of the Devil, they burned him at the stake. His last words were to tell his daughter to live on and experience more of the world as the flames consumed him.


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