Senki Zesshou Symphogear G - Ichaival
Ichaival (イチイバル Ichībaru?) is the Symphogear system created from a fragment of the second classified Relic, Ichaival. Its user is Chris Yukine, who obtained it through Finé. The relic focuses on long range-projectile weaponry, mainly crossbows and guns.


At a point during World War II, Japan was facing a losing war and tension was running high. In the interest of researching something that might help to turn the tide, Ichaival was obtained from Germany. However, ten years prior to the events of season one of Senki Zesshō Symphogear, Finé stole Ichaival from Division Two. At this point, the commander of Division Two was Tsubasa's grandfather, Fudō Kazanari. He resigned as a result of the disappearance of Ichaival, and a young Genjuro, who was working as a public safety officer at the time, was assigned as the next commander in his place.

Eight years later, Finé gave Ichaival to Chris and proceeded to exploit her song to awaken Solomon's Cane, a process which took half a year to complete, allowing Finé full control over the Noise. It can be assumed that Finé also trained Chris in how to fight using Ichaival during the years before the series. However, Chris refuses to actually use Ichaival in battle because of her guilt over awakening a weapon used for destruction, as well as her hatred of songs caused by her refusal to accept the deaths of her musician parents. Thus, Finé gives her the Nehushtan Armor to use in the kidnapping of Hibiki.

When the Nehushtan Armor proves useless against Tsubasa and later Hibiki, Chris abandons it in favor of the immediately-more-effective Ichaival. Finé then takes the Nehushtan armor back and abandons Chris, forcing Chris to have to use the Ichaival to fight and defend herself. Chris later comes to terms with the use of her song and uses it to help save the world from the blast of Finé's Kadingir, her sacrifice buying Tsubasa enough time to destroy Kadingir and foil Finé's plans.

Transformation Chants

Killiter Ichaival tron

Yukine Chris Relic Song-000:09

Yukine Chris Relic Song-0

Ichaival's Relic Song.


Ichaival was a bow owned by Odin, capable of turning one arrow shot into ten arrows. Another source claims that the bow was from Ydalir, the home of the god Ullr.


  • Ichaival was originally translated as "Ichii-Bal", by both the fans and the source material, in season 1. Later seasons corrected it to "Ichaival".


Symphogear GX Transformation - Yukine Chris00:40

Symphogear GX Transformation - Yukine Chris

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