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Gyakkō no Resolve
逆光のリゾルヴ Gyakkō no Rizoruvu
General Information
ArtistMinami Takayama
UseHen'yoku no Sōsha

Gyakkō no Resolve (逆光のリゾルヴ Gyakkō no Rizoruvu?, "Backlit Resolve") is a character song by Kanade Amou, featured in Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited.


Provided by chariotdunord. As there has yet to be a proper release for the song, there may be inaccuracies.

君と云う音 紡ぐため
二人で歩んだ 繋ぐ足跡は

差し伸ばした片手が 風を斬る


Kimi to iu oto tsumugu tame
Futari de ayunda tsunagu ashiato wa
Bōgyaku kara umareteta
Zankoku ga nomikomu

Namida de hane ga nureta hi
Omokute tobenai nara
Sono migite ni soeyou to
Sashi nobashita katate ga kaze wo kiru

Sen'nengo kyō (moshi deai) umarete mo
Tamashī no furyūgeru wa futari wo yobu
Gyakkō mo (memorī ni) waraeru yō ni
Tsubasa ga egaita atashi de iru tame ni

The sprawling footprints we made together
Were to spin a tale of the sound that is you
Born from atrocities
Swallowing cruelty

The day my tears drenched my wings
I could not fly under their weight
Seeking to support myself on your arm
I extended a single hand, cutting through the wind

After a thousand years (were we to meet) being born anew
These ghosts of wings will still call out for us
Even the backlight, so that I may smile on these memories
And be the person that Tsubasa pictured


Kanade Amou - Gyakkō no Resolve-001:46

Kanade Amou - Gyakkō no Resolve-0


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