ギャラルホルン Gyararuhorun
Relic Information
First AppearanceSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited

The Gjallarhorn (ギャラルホルン Gyararuhorun?) is a Relic that has the power to connect to parallel worlds.


Gjallarhorn is the horn used by Heimdallr and Mímir in Norse mythology.


The Gjallarhorn was initially discovered and up-kept by Ryōko Sakurai aka Finé. The circumstances of the relic's discovery are currently known.

The Gjallarhorn remained dormant, but after the events of the Magical Girl Incident, it suddenly became active. Now connected to parallel worlds, an outbreak of supernatural events begins to occur. The Symphogear candidates are called upon to resolve the problem, and with Gjallarhorn's power, they head for unknown worlds.

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