Holding Hands... For My Confused Self...
Miku saves Hibiki

RomajiTsunagu Te to Te… Tomadou Watashi no Tame…
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SeasonSenki Zesshou Symphogear G

Air dateAugust 22, 2013
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EndingNext Destination
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"Holding Hands... For My Confused Self..." (繋ぐ手と手…戸惑うわたしのため… Tsunagu Te to Te… Tomadou Watashi no Tame…?) is the eighth episode of Senki Zesshou Symphogear G.



It is revealed that Nastassja has merely told Maria to play the role of Finé's successor in order to gain Ver's co-operation. As Kirika starts to realise the cause of her new power, that she herself is Finé's vessel, Hibiki is informed of her condition and is told to take things easy until they can find a cure. Meanwhile, Nastassja's group use their relics to try and unleash something known as Frontier, only for it to fail to Ver's dismay, as they lack sufficient power. The next day, as Hibiki and Miku go to the Sky Tower, Nastassja and Maria also go there to negotiate with some US government agents, which is interrupted when Ver sends Noise after them just as they turn on them. As Maria makes her escape, fighting through both Noise and army soldiers, Hibiki and Miku work to help evacuate some of the citizens, which leads to Hibiki being knocked off the building. Activating her Symphogear to break her fall, Hibiki is shocked to see an explosion where Miku was standing.


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