Bloodbath Serenade
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G episode 5
Chi Shibuki no Sayokyoku
Air Date August 1, 2013
Opening Theme Vitalization
Ending Theme Next Destination
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"Bloodbath Serenade" (血飛沫の小夜曲 Chi Shibuki no Sayokyoku?) is the fifth episode of Senki Zesshou Symphogear G.


Short Summary

As Shirabe and Kirika decide to enter the karaoke contest themselves, singing one of ZweiWing's songs so that they can win Chris' pendant, armed forces approach a warehouse where Maria and Nastassja are hiding, but are confronted by Ver and his Noise army. Maria breaks down when she sees Ver mercilessly kill a group of children who happened to stumble upon the base,  and since their wherabouts are now known, Nastassja has Shirabe and Kirika retreat to the base before they can be declared winners. After Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris briefly catch up to them, questioning why they fight when they seem to enjoy singing, the three are called to HQ where it is revealed that Hibiki and Maria's Gungnirs share the same resonance pattern. Meanwhile, Maria recalls how her sister, Serena, used her superb song to stop a rampaging Nephilim prototype, ending her life in the process. Later that day, the girls respond to an attack on a factory, where they are confronted by Ver, who announces his plan to save mankind from the fall of the moon before sending the Nephilim to attack them. Hibiki fights against the Nephilim but becomes distracted by Ver's words, and accidentally has her arm bitten off...

Long Summary

Songs Used




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