The Gungnir Girl
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G episode 1
The Gungnir Girl
Gangunīru no Shōjo
Air Date July 5, 2013
Opening Theme Vitalization
Ending Theme Ressō Gungnir
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"The Gungnir Girl" (ガングニールの少女 Gangunīru no Shōjo?) is the first episode of Senki Zesshou Symphogear G.





Strange incidents are happening in the world of Symphogear , who is behind all of this?


Three months following the battle with Finé, Hibiki and Chris work together to fight off the Noise and protect a transport carrying the Solomon's Cane, which scientist Dr. Ver believes could hold the key to fighting the Noise. However, before they can leave to see Tsubasa's concert alongside diva Maria Cadenzavna Eve, the base they are delivering it to is attacked by the Noise, with Dr. Ver and Solomon's Cane going missing. As the concert reaches its climax, Maria suddenly summons a group of Noise, holding the audience hostage and using the worldwide broadcast to prevent Tsubasa from using her Symphogear. Maria then reveals she possesses a Black Gungnir Symphogear armor, proclaiming herself and her group to be the successors of Finé. 

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  • This episode is similar to Episode 1.
    • Both episodes feature Tsubasa holding a concert, only for the concert to end up being attacked.
    • Both episodes start with a Symphogear user dying.
    • Both episodes also end with Genjuro being surprised by an Aufwachen reaction for the Gungnir.
    • Both episodes end on the same cliffhanger: a Gungnir user activates her gear for the first time.


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