Believe in Justice and Hold a Determination to Fist
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RomajiSeigi wo shinjite, nigiri shimete
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SeasonSenki Zesshou Symphogear GX

Air dateSeptember 25, 2015
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EndingNijiiro no Flügel
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"Believe in Justice and Hold a Determination to Fist" (正義を信じて、握り締めて Seigi wo shinjite, nigiri shimete?) is the last episode of Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX.




Carol said that she wouldn't lose to a miracle like the X-Drive. But after Hibiki's father pointed out that Elfnein was crying, they saw that Carol was crying too.

While they destroyed the Alca-Noise that Carol had summoned, they thought about how she was just like Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika, trying to change the world. The only difference was the Carol was alone.

After the Alca-Noise had been destroyed, that was all the time Carol needed to launch her real attack. Deflecting a combination attack by Tsubasa and Maria, she turned her strings into a massive dragon-like creature!

Seeing the power from a single attack, Chris was shocked. But Kirika and Shirabe figured they'd just have to get Carol before she got them, and charged right in. It didn't work, but it did show that they'd need to focus the powers of their X-Drive through their Armed Gears to do anything to damage her.

So Carol attacked, only for Hibiki to block it, and tell the others to hurry up and do it while she held the attack off. They gave their powers to her, and it turned her Armed Gear, her fist, into a massive fist!

Carol, fighting the rejection that her memories of her father were causing, burned those memories for one last attack, but even with that extra boost, it wasn't enough to defeat Hibiki's Glorious Break!

As Carol plunged to the Earth, she told Hibiki that her songs couldn't save anyone. But Hibiki refused to accept that, and used the Ignite Module, causing it to be not just her hand that reached out to Carol, but Elfnein's and Izak's as well! Izak's spirit then finished what he had started to say as he was burned at the stake, about how their duty as alchemists was to ensure that people could understand each other as Hibiki grabbed her hand.

Afterwards, no one could find Carol. But they had other things to worry about, such as paying what would likely be their last visit to Elfnein. In spite of how cheerful she acted while they were visiting, Hibiki was really extremely sad, since they couldn't do anything to help her. Luckily, Miku was able to comfort her.

That evening, Elfnein got a surprise visitor. It was Carol! But because she had burned so many memories, she couldn't even remember her own name. She came to see Elfnein for answers, because she saw Elfnein when she closed her eyes. But just like Carol's memories were almost gone, Elfnein was almost dead, and starting to cough up blood. And now that the world is safe, she doesn't want to disappear! So Carol reaches over and gives Elfnein a kiss, and as the fires of alchemy appear around their joined hands, the machines monitoring Elfnein's vital signs start indicating that she's flatlining.

The Symphogear users come running as soon as they hear this, and see an empty bed, and someone wearing Carol's clothes. But it's not Carol in that body anymore. It's Elfnein!

Afterwards, Hibiki was on her way to her family's house with her father, when she commented about how she felt like she had many good memories of that town, even though she shouldn't. He acknowledged that it was because she had become stronger, and said he'd have to get stronger too.

Shirabe and Kirika can't enjoy their summer vacation, because they didn't get good grades in school. Unlike Chris, who actually did pretty good. Chris then forces the two to do their homework.

Tsubasa and Shinji, at the airport, met Maria, who was also going to England. And Genjūrō, who was outside with Yatsuhiro, asked his brother if he didn't feel he was a failure as a father, not seeing her off like that, only for him to say it was fine like this and ask Genjūrō what his opinion about the whole Magical Girl Incident was. It seems that ever since the US fell from power, trouble has been brewing in Europe.

Elfnein arrives late to S.O.N.G., and they continue work on analyzing something.

And at the end, Hibiki's father tells her mother that he wants to start over one more time with everyone, but she was kind of hesitant to accept. Just as he was about to give up, however, Hibiki took both of their hands because she believed it was the right thing to do, and wouldn't let go of them easily. So her father gets to start over with his family again, after all!

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