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Chris Yukine
雪音 クリス Yukine Kurisu
Character Information
Eye ColorDark Purple
Hair ColorWhite
Height154 cm
RelativesYukine Masanori (father/deceased)

Sonnet M. Yukine (mother/deceased) [1]

First AppearanceEpisode 3 (Anime)

Chapter 4 (Manga)

The Relic(s)Nehushtan Armor


Theme ColorRed
Japanese Voice ActorTakagaki Ayahi
Chris Yukine (雪音 クリス Yukine Kurisu?) is a mysterious girl who wields the Nehushtan Armor and has the ability to summon and command Noise at will. Later she is seen to have the Second Relic Ichavial.


Yukine (雪音?) - Means "The sound of the snow".

Chris (クリス Kurisu?) - Means "Christian" but initially derived from a Greek word meaning "anointed".


Season 1Edit

Chris is a short girl with long pale purple hair that falls to her knees separated into six large strands, three on either side, and dark purple eyes. She is most often seen wearing a maroon dress with short puffed out sleeves, a sheer light red-violet panel exposing some of her chest and upper back with detached sleeves and black accents on the ends of the dress and sleeves. She wears her relic pendant around her neck as well as dark stockings with maroon bows attached to the dress and maroon pumps.

Character SheetsEdit

  • Chris Headshots
  • Chris' Ichaival
  • Chris' Headset
  • Chris' Armed Gear
  • Chris Headshots with the Nehushtan Armour
  • Chris' Nehushtan Armour
  • Child Chris
  • Chris' X-Drive Headset
  • Chris' Ichaival X-Drive Season 1

Season 2Edit

As of Season two, Chris wears a long sleeved multi-layered red and maroon dress with a white under layer and white stockings with red accents and bows. She wears pink pumps and her hair is brighter with pink hair ties as her hair is now held into twin-tails.

She has also been seen wearing the uniform of Lydian Music Academy.


Though she is usually very hot-tempered and aggressive, it is shown that she can be very kind and caring to others.


After she fought with Hibiki, she found out Fine lied to her in order to use her. She spent 6 years of her life in human trafficking from research for compatibility with the Relic. She was often mistreated and abused, and thus gained a hatred for adults. Genjūrō Kazanari was supposed to be her legal guardian when her parents passed away, but she ran away 2 years before the series. She and Genjuro make up and she willingly cooperates with Tsubasa and Hibiki only under Genjuro. She dies while trying to protect the moon, remembering her parents' sacrifice, but is revived with the Symphogear. She was thought to be dead once again after destroying a large section of the moon to save Earth, along with Tsubasa and Hibiki, but she actually survived, along with the others. In Episode 10 of the second season, Chris appears to execute Tsubasa. In fact, Chris was trying to get Solomon's Cane back from Dr. Ver. To gain his trust, Dr. Ver put a bomb around her neck and made her fight Tsubasa. If she won, he would give her the Cane, but his plan was to kill her when she finished Tsubasa. Fortunately Tsubasa disabled the bomb with her sword while attacking Chris, and finally she got the Cane back.

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

Activation SongEdit

Evening draws in the awakened Ichaival
Killiter Ichaival Tron

Yukine Chris Relic Song00:09

Yukine Chris Relic Song


Chris is the owner of Second Relic Ichaival. As a Symphogear user, Chris has the ability to fight Noise with the use of the anti-Noise armour, the Symphogear, that clads her in battle. As an "Attuned", she can use the Power of Song (歌の力 Uta no Chikara?) to summon her Armed Gear to fight. Her Armed Gear is a pair of crossbows that fire up to five homing beam arrows each. The Gear forms from her forearm armor and can retract at will to allow use of her hands. They also have a smaller pistol form more suited for close combat.


  • Nirvana Gedon - used while wearing the Nehushtan Armor, this attack is a large white energy sphere crackling with black electricity within which forms at the end of one of the Armour’s chain whips and is flung at the enemy. It can be used repeatedly in succession, but isn't exceptionally strong, as Hibiki was able to endure two consecutive shots with little damage.
  • Megadeth Party - Chris unleashes a barrage of twenty-
    • Nirvana Gedon
    • Mega Deth Party
    • Billion Maiden
    • Synchrogazer
    • Giga Zeppelin
    • Red Hot Blaze
    • Armor Purge
    • Vitalization
    four missiles from the missile launchers that open up at her sides. While the X-Drive is active, this attack instead becomes a continual stream of homing lasers.
  • Megadeth Quartet - A supercharged version of Megadeth Party wherein Chris's armor transforms into a large, braced backpack which produces a quartet of missiles several times larger than Chris herself. While it can destroy large Noise in a single shot, Chris is vulnerable while the attack is charging. As a supplementary function Megadeth Party is enhanced to fire a set of large triangular block missiles which release twelve of the normal Megadeth Party missiles apiece. A variation of this attack only creates two missiles and has no supplementary fire, but is much faster to charge as a result.
  • Billion Maiden - Chris transforms her crossbows into a pair of double tri-barrle gatlings that fit over each of her arms, trading the homing properties of her crossbows for raw firepower. This is Chris's favored configuration, and she is rarely seen not using it to the extent that her official art usually displays her with Billion Maiden active.
  • Superb Song - Chris's Superb Song has her release her Reflector Bits and fire a round from each of her pistols into them, the energy from the rounds gradually augmenting with each reflection until it forms the shape of a vast set of butterfly wings. The pistols are then combined into an enormous rifle which fires a single large beam, augmented by the energy from the wings. This attack is strong enough to considerably reduce the destructive power of a round from Kadingir, though it could not stop the latter attack completely.
  • Synchrogazer - This is a technique that was used by Tsubasa, Chris and Hibiki using the complete Relic, Durandal. Most of the power in this attack was from Hibiki, but Tsubasa, Chris and Hibiki's friends helped keep Hibiki grounded to her real self and they contributed to the attack.
  • S2CA Tri Burst - An attack introduced in Symphogear G, serving as a combination attack between Hibiki, Chris, and Tsubasa. The energy from all three singing their Superb Song at once is channelled into Hibiki's right hand, with the harmony of the three songs cancelling their harmful backlash and resulting in a vast tornado of rainbow-hued light.
  • Giga Zeppelin - An attack introduced in Symphogear G, wherein Chris expands the length and width of her crossbows to load them with a pair of enormous crystal spikes. Once fired the spikes each break apart into a large number of smaller spikes which rain down on the targets.
  • Red Hot Blaze - An attack introduced in Symphogear G, which transforms Chris's armor into a large crossbow-like sniper rifle with targeting scope. It bears the questionable distinction of being the only attack in the series to have a title card without ever actually being used.
  • Queen's Inferno - An enhancement to Chris's basic homing crossbows which adds an additional firing lane on either side of the main ones, tripling her rate of fire.
  • Reflector Bits - The rear compartments on Chris's skirt armor can open to release dozens of diamond-shaped remote weapons which together can project a barrier capable of reflecting or augmenting attacks. This was initially only used in her Superb Song, but she later used them on their own in an effort to defend against the Shen Shou Jing.
  • Armor Purge - While not an attack per se, this is an ability unique to Chris. In times of danger she can completely shed any relic she wears, which transforms into pellets of light to strike everything around her. Using this ability cancels her transformation and leaves her nude for a few minutes afterward, after which her normal clothing will reappear if she does not have another relic to activate before then. In X-Drive Chris can choose to only shed the bulky weapons platform created by the form. She first used this ability in Episode 7 of the first season against Hibiki, shedding the Nehushtan Armor before activating Ichaival to replace it. In Symphogear G she uses the ability twice, once in Episode 12 after all of her other abilities were disabled by Anti-LiNKER and again in Episode 13 to shed her X-Drive weapons platform.
  • Unnamed S2CA Art - An augmented version of S2CA Tri Burst which uses Kirika, Shirabe and Maria as well as all 7 billion people on Earth, producing enough combined phonic gain to unlock the X-Drive of all six Symphogears, which together ram into the target as a bright lance of rainbow light.
  • Vitalization - A six-member combination attack accessible only in X-Drive, which forms a pair of large arms out of Gungnir and Airgetlam's armor components that deliver a combined punch fuelled by the energy of all six Symphogears.
Senki Zesshou Symphogear Ichii-Bal Chris Fully charged-001:37

Senki Zesshou Symphogear Ichii-Bal Chris Fully charged-0

Chris goes over charged and uses Mega Deth Quartet

Senki Zesshou Symphogear - Ichii-Bal01:29

Senki Zesshou Symphogear - Ichii-Bal

Chris awakens Ichavial and uses Billion Maiden and Mega Deth Party


Season 1Edit

Chris first appears in Episode 3 clad in the Nehushtan Armor ready to battle Tsubasa and Hibiki.

Episode 4 Chris mocks Tsubasa as she reveals Solomon's Cane. They both yell at Hibiki as she tries to stop the fighting. Chris attacks first and blocks Tsubasa's own attack with the use of the chains. She effortlessly fights and
Senki Zesshou Symphogear - 04 - Large 14

Chris Fighting Tsubasa

blocks all of Tsubasa's attacks and kicks her back. Using the chain as a whip she tries to attack Tsubasa and summons Noise to keep Hibiki out of her way. Tsubasa continues to attack her as she blocks and throws her back down. She reveals that the plan was to abduct Hibiki the entire time.

As she talks Tsubasa uses her One Thousand Tears to force her to move and allow Tsubasa the space to get away. The two continue to fight as Chris summons more Noise. After Tsubasa destroys them all Chris uses her Nirvana Gedon which causes an explosion as Tsubasa tries to block. She tries to fight as Tsubasa gets up but finds that she cannot move due to Tsubasa's Shadow Weaving. As Tsubasa sings her Zesshou Chris tries to summon a group a Noise to stop her only to see that Tsubasa has already reached her.

As Tsubasa finishes Chris is thrown back as the Nehushtan Armor is damaged. As it starts to repair Chris leaves the battle scene.

As of Episode 5 Chris is seen to be working with Finé and is punished with electrocution for her failure in capturing Hibiki. Later she is present at the attack on Hibiki and Ryoko during their transportation of Durandal. She is shocked by the fact that Hibiki was now able to fight the Noise as before she could barely use her Symphogear. She then steps in and kicks Hibiki before attempting to grab Durandal in which Hibiki knocks her out of the way. Out of anger Chris summons Noise before being blown away.

Episode 6 Hibiki Punches Chris

Chris is punched by Hibiki

As of Episode 6 Chris is seen thinking about her past and childhood while feeling bitter toward Hibiki. As Fine appears Chris throws Solomon's Cane at Fine proclaiming that she can do what Fine wants without it. Later on Chris finds Hibiki and attacks her, but also attacking Miku in the process. She follows Hibiki away from Miku and attacks her. She expresses confusion at Hibiki's attampt at to talk to her and continues attacking. She is punches by Hibiki and the Nehustan Armour starts to crack.

Hibiki's words anger Chris at the start of Episode 7 and causes her to retaliate and harshly fight Hibiki. As the Nehustan Armor slowly regenerates Chris uses her Armour Purge and transform for the first time with the use of the Relic Ichaival. She proceeds to relentlessly attack Hibiki with the use of her newly revealed Relic. As the smoke clears she finds that Tsubsa had protected Hibiki from the attacks. She and Tsubasa begin to fight and Chris is unable to land any damage and prepares to continue fighting before Noise come down and damage her Armed Gear and attempt to harm her. She is saved by Hibiki and catches her afterwards.

As Fine appears and discards Chris, Chris chases after her. Later in the night Chris walks alone and thinks about the fight from earlier. She finds children in the park and offers to help the children find their father. In the end she goes off the Fine's hideout and confronts her about being thrown away and is cornered by the Noise and Fine.

Having transformed Chris is running from a small group of Noise in Episode 8, she collaspes in a back alley after destroying all the Noise. She wakes up as Miku is caring for her and find that she was wearing Miku's
Chris Embarassed

Chris embarrassed

clothes. She pulls the comforter around herself in embarassment as she isn't wearing underwear as Miku didn't give her any. She later thanks Miku for her care and comments that Miku is quiet. She tells Miku that she had been alone ever since her parents died and even then that they were half way around the world, and since then had never had friends.

She expresses her bitterness toward Fine for using her, having thought that Fine was the only one who had understood her. Chris also tells Miku to beat the shit out of whoever she had fought with and then make up. Confused at Miku's thanks Chris also gives Miku her name and is told that she wasn't a bad person. She pulls away at Miku's offer of friendship and admits to having done terrible things to her as the Noise Alarm goes off.

She is found by Noise after running off and tries to transform unsucessfully before being saved by Genjuro. Afterwards she transforms and fights off the Noise.

Chris is found by Genjuro who brings her food in Episode 9 in which she was supicious of. After Genjuro finishes speaking and she finishes eating Chris jumps out a window before transforming and running away. Later on Chris tries to fight off a large group of Noise before Hibiki comes to her aid. After the battle Chris knocks over trashcans and wonders why she helped Hibiki as she was the enemy.


Insert Songs Featured in:Edit


  • Chris's battle song genre is Rock.
  • Chris uses English language for attacks.
  • She was 8 when her parents died.
  • She is 16 in Season 1 and 2.
  • She hated singing because of the destruction she caused.
  • Like Kanade, Chris lost her parents during a Noise attack.
  • Like Kirika Akatsuki, Chris hates team working.
  • Almost all of Chris's various attacks are references to the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, most obvious in Billion Maiden utilizing the same weapons and firing pose as Heavy arms Custom but also in her swan song, which chains together the ultimate attacks of the Turn A, Double X and Wing Zero.
  • Chris is the first two relic user, the other one is Maria Cadenzavna Eve.
  • She is the first user to hold a full relic the other one is Finé.
  • Chris is the only user to use a Spanish word in her song; she says "adios", which means goodbye.
  • Chris worked together with Fine two years ago to abduct the Nehushtan armour. They also worked together to remove Kanade, as they knew she was the strongest and also the main obstacle.
  • Like Serena, she's the only symphogear user who doesn't use someone's name in her songs.



  • "お前、本当のバカ!/You are truly an idiot!" - Season 2, Episode 1
  • "バーンッ!/Bang!"
  • "教えてやる!あたしは歌が大ッ嫌いだ!/I shall tell you! I HATE SONGS!" - Episode 7



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