This Page will demonstrate the basic layout required for character pages. All sections should be placed in this specific order and follow the guidelines below..

Image should be 300px
Voice Actors
Character Information

Directly below the Character Infobox template and above everything else, every Character page should start with a brief introduction of the character, usually written in 1 to 2 sentences.


Information describing what the character's name means, or if the name is derived mythology.


Information describing the overall appearance of the character goes here. This includes hair color, eye color, clothing etc.


This section describes how the character generally acts.


Events that happened to the character before the current story line go here.


(Season letters)

Events introduced throughout the seasons go here. When listing which season, be sure to list the season name (eg. GX for Symphogear GX instead of season 3), with the exception of season 1 since it's only titled as "Senki Zesshō Symphogear" with no additional letters at the end.

Attacks & Abilities

Activation Song

If the character has an activation song of the Relic should be placed here along with an audio file if possible.


An image gallery that shows each character's different transformations and Symphogear design change throughout the series.


Details regarding what a character is capable of performing. Depending on the character's abilities, this can include both physical and mental strength.


Details regarding the character's attacks in the series.


A listing of songs that the character has sung in the series.


Information describing the character's relationships with other characters.


Interesting info that does not fit in any other section goes here.


Some sentences that the character has said goes here.


References and Notes

Use {{reflist}}.

Site Navigation

Use {{S1 Characters}}, {{G Characters}}, {{GX Characters}} or {{AXZ Characters}}.

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