Symphogear G Waveforms

The six Aufwachen Waveforms as seen in G (minus Airgetlám).

The Aufwachen Waveform (アウフヴァッヘン波形 Aufuvahhen Hakei?) is an unique wave pattern emitted by relics, or relic fragments, upon activation through the power of song. Each time a linked user becomes clad in their armor it is also emitted. By comparing the variations in the wave pattern of each relic, it is possible to isolate their particular classification.

Each relic has it's own different shape (pattern) for the waveform. This even includes complete relics such as Carol's Faust Robe of Dur da Blá.


  • Aufwachen means "awakening" in German.
  • Hibiki's Gungnir and Maria's Gungnir have the exact same pattern. This could explain how Hibiki was able to activate it in episode 12 of the second season.
  • Most of the waveforms resemble flowers or snowflakes.