Symphogear Season 1 Armour Purge

Chris' first use of Armor Purge

The Armor Purge (アーマーパージ Āmāpāji?) is an ability unique to Chris Yukine that uses her currently-equipped relic as a buckshot, shooting it over a wide range after forcibly releasing it from her body. The ability also completely cancels the transformation and leaves the user in a powerless state.


The ability has only been used when Chris is placed in a critical situation and has only been seen being used twice.

Anti-LiNKER, which causes a forced drop in the user's coefficiency link, not only lowers the effectiveness of the Symphogear's battle strength, but it also brings about damage to the user from the backfire created by an imbalance in the gear's output. Therefore, it is an effective weapon to utilize against Symphogear users. Furthermore, Anti-LiNKER's effects effectively reverse the predominance that the Symphogear has over the Noise, and that, combined with Solomon's Cane, was supposed to be Dr. Ver's trump card. However, Chris, stuck in the middle of this critical situation, decided to use it once again and try to retrieve Solomon's Cane in the process.

Although this is a technique that can only be used once, and is a gamble with high risk for the user, Chris boldly used it with little regard for the potential fallback which resulted in not only avoiding any damage she would have to endure from the backfire, but also instantly obliterating numerous Noise in the vicinity.

However, the use of this ability leaves the Chris in a powerless state without the Symphogear system to protect her from the dangers of any lingering Noise, making it a risky move if not all the Noise in the area are destroyed.


Armor Purge was first used in Episode 7, where Chris sheds her broken Nehushtan Armor, which was in danger of fusing with her body through her open wounds, in favor of her Ichaival, which proves to be much more successful at repelling Hibiki.

Armor Purge is again used in G Episode 12, after Dr. Ver used Anti-LiNKER and the Noise to force Chris into a corner. Chris then used Armor Purge to destroy most of the surrounding Noise as part of a gambit with Tsubasa to retrieve Solomon's Cane.

In AXZ Episode 13, after gaining power from Chris' Ichaival, Hibiki was able to use the attack to free herself against Adam Weishaupt.


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