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Akira Tachibana
立花 洸 Tachibana Akira
Akira Tachibana
AnimeSenki Zesshō Symphogear GX
Episode 5
Voice Actors
JapaneseToshihiko Seki
Character Information
RelativesUnnamed wife
Hibiki Tachibana (Daughter)

Akira Tachibana (立花 洸 Tachibana Akira?) is the father of Hibiki Tachibana.


Hibiki Tachibana - Hibiki is shown to have unrest towards him due to the fact that he didn't accept her when she was recovering in the past. This is clearly shown at the end of Episode 7 of GX, when she immediately runs away upon seeing him. In the end, he makes up with his daughter, claiming he can't run away from the fact he's her dad. At the end of the season she is seen running with him throughout her old neighborhood as they high-five. In a post-credits scene, he finally takes up the courage to make amends with his wife and family himself, and after a brief moment of doubt from Hibiki's mother he almost gives up, until Hibiki holds their hands, saying she won't let go easily, and leads them inside happily.


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