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Risk Your Life on a Fictional Battlefield
Senki Zesshō Symphogear AXZ episode 5
Kirika at her limit
Kyokō Sen'iki ni Inochi o Toshite
Air Date July 29, 2017
Opening Theme TESTAMENT
Ending Theme Futurism
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"Risk Your Life on a Fictional Battlefield" (虚構戦域に命を賭して Kyokō Sen'iki ni Inochi o Toshite?) is the fifth episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear AXZ.


Short Summary

The Kazanari Institute was completely destroyed by Adam's Chrysopoeia, and the agents of S.O.N.G. are forced to move on without having finished deciphering the Val Verde documents. The alchemists are a bit disappointed that the Gear Users weren't killed in the blast, but continue with their plans anyway. Adam, in particular, concerns himself with Tiki's secret.

Meanwhile, Elfnein has come up with a way to finish the LiNKER recipe, the last component of which is related to the part of the brain the drug should react with to minimize the stress the Gear puts on its user. Minimizing that stress (by manipulating energy vectors) is one of Airgetlam's specialties, so Maria volunteers to have Elfnein enter her mind and find out which part of the brain she needs. It's a dangerous experiment, and both girls are risking their lives. Will they die before they find the information they need?

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