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Golden Transmutation
Senki Zesshō Symphogear AXZ episode 4
Adam's Attack
Ōgon Rensei
Air Date July 22, 2017
Opening Theme TESTAMENT
Ending Theme Futurism
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"Golden Transmutation" (黄金錬成 Ōgon Rensei?) is the fourth episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear AXZ.


Short Summary

The agents of S.O.N.G. head to Matsushiro to try and decrypt the classified documents brought back from Val Verde. Because of this, local security has been raised to maximum, and the nearby citizens are forced to evacuate. Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika, unable to use their Gears without LiNKER, are assigned to help secure the area, but are suddenly attacked by Cagliostro. Fortunately, Chris and the other Gear Users appear in time to save them (and a sweet old tomato farmer).

Later on, the area is attacked a second time, and the Bavarian Illuminati appear with new weapons: Faust Robes generated by the heart-shaped Philosopher's Stones. The Gear users are unable to stand up to them, and the alchemists beat them back effortlessly.

As if that weren't enough, Adam Weishaupt, the leader of the Bavarian Illuminati, suddenly appears, and decimates the area with the immense energy of Chrysopoeia. Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika, suffering the recoil from their low sync rates, Gear up to save their "primary-colored" teammates from the explosion. But did they make it out in time?

Songs Used

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  • When Hibiki punches Cagliostro, a sound effect similar to Godzilla's roar can be heard.


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